With great pleasure we share the news that Equinox’ is selected as one of the 11 companies to receive technical support within the US TEAMER program. With the support of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory [NREL], we will develop a robust modeling approach to adapt and refine mid-fidelity tools like OpenFAST and its associated libraries. This will enable us to better capture interactions between the main rotor and tip turbines of our innovative turbine design.

TEAMER, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and overseen by the Pacific Ocean Energy Trust, accelerates the development of marine renewables by granting access to top facilities and expertise nationwide.

Next steps
In the coming period we will – together with NREL – submit our completed test plans before we start the planned project activities.

Florida Ocean Current potential
According to studies performed the near coast Gulfstream could power about 15 million U.S. homes. The Ocean Current resource potential exceeds 5 GW which is approx. 12.5% of Florida’s total energy demand.

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