Our Mission

To unleash world's
third clean energy source

In the form of Ocean Current Energy
At a cost competitive price
Within five years.

Why Ocean Current Energy?

The oceans offer over 700 gigawatt of power potential.

This is more than the energy demand of Africa, South America and the Middle East combined.

Ocean Current Energy is


Ocean currents are caused by rotation of the earth and weather systems.


Baseload energy, by stable and predictable ocean currents.


No visual impact,
everything takes place
under water.

Patented Energy Generation

Equinox developed a revolutionary turbine that is capable of economic energy production at low flow speeds. The first commercial turbine will be launched in 2027 with a power production of up to 3 megawatts.

The 50-meter Equinox Ocean Current Turbine

Equinox is built by ambitious engineers and entrepreneurs with love for the earth, her water and her people. We are standing on shoulders of giants in order to develop World's Third Clean Energy Source

Pieter de Haas, MSc.

Founder & Director

Over 15 years of experience in Tidal energy as the former CTO of Tocardo Tidal turbines. Founding father of the Equinox Ocean Turbine.


Joris van Dijk, MSc.

Business Development Manager

Half a decade of experience in business development at Damen Shipyards and as co-founder of Sol-IT.

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