Leeuwarden, The Netherlands – July 11th, 2024

Equinox Ocean Turbines BV has successfully closed its seed funding round, raising €2.4 million. This round was led by EIT InnoEnergy, with significant support from Damen Maritime Ventures, NOM, FOM, Init Power and two private investors.

This infusion of capital will accelerate the development and deployment of Equinox’s cutting-edge turbine technology, which harnesses the immense 700 GW potential of Ocean Currents to generate clean, reliable energy. The funds will be used to develop a pre-commercial turbine by 2025 and expand Equinox’s global footprint to meet the growing demand for clean energy solutions.

CEO Pieter de Haas stated, “This is a significant step towards making the marine energy sector a commercial reality.” Equinox’s patented technology promises to revolutionize the energy sector by providing a consistent and reliable power source.

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