Equinox Ocean Turbines provides a solution for the energy challenge by harnessing the clean energy source available in ocean currents. The Equinox Ocean Turbine is a two-stage turbine with a semi-floating foundation, suitable for all water depths and has no visual or environmental impact. Equinox’s business model is based on turbine sales, project pre-development and ‘operate and maintenance’. The roll-out of the turbine technology is based on proven elements and existing product infrastructure and builds. The company is seeking investors and strategic partners to invest in the turbine development, commercialisation and scaling of the business model.

  • 700GW+ potential market / 40GW SAM @ € 4-5 mio/MW
  • Commercial turbine in 5 years
  • Competitive with off-shore wind
  • €5 billion installed market by 2032
  • Raising €3.3 million seed funding

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about investing in Equinox, please do not hesitate to contact us at investorrelations@equinoxoceanturbines.com.